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Hapís at Hinagpís: Lenten Season at Kape Kesada Art Gallery


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Happening soon at Kape Kesada Art Gallery…

–Francis Valdecantos–

All men are crowned with thorns.
All men must bear a cross.

Pain is akin to everyone. It is the great denominator that is known by every man. Not only because we can relate to it, but because we seek to be relieved of it. All men are destined for great and unfortunate things. Pain both hinders and fulfills — it is the fuel that drives man to do the unimaginable. Pain pushes man to endure until he comes face to face with his Creator.

Patricio “Peping” Balquiedra (b. 1946) is no mere artist; no ordinary sculptor. He not only chips away at blocks of wood, but creates meaning and form with every swing of the hammer and every bite of the chisel. His gift is enough to capture the essence of both man and divine. He enables the viewer to see, feel, and experience the life and soul resonating from his works. This humble creator from the storied town of Paeté has spent a lifetime in mastering his craft.

The sculptures brought to life by Peping make excellent use of wood such as baticuling, narra, and ebony. It highlights not only the artistic vision and passion of the sculptor but also the natural beauty of the medium. Even in the twilight of his life, Peping’s inherent skill is still as sharp and precise as the tools he wields.

Please visit Kape Kesada Art Gallery’s Facebook page for more details.

2 thoughts on “Hapís at Hinagpís: Lenten Season at Kape Kesada Art Gallery

    • SAD UPDATE 1: Patricio Balquiedra already passed away last March 8.
      SAD UPDATE 2: The artist reception that was supposed to happen on March 17 was canceled due to the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic. Click here for more details.


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