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Yes, I’m officially old! But…

Yesterday, I attended a wedding for the first time as one of the principal sponsors (don’t laugh yet). A few minutes before the ceremony was about to begin, one of the wedding planners was calling out the names of the godparents to arrange how they would walk down the carpeted, flower-bedecked nave. When my name was finally called, I raised my hand so as to introduce myself to him. The wedding planner gave me a long, unbelieving look. This lasted for several awkward seconds. He must have thought that I was just making some kind of a prank, so he called out my name again, still searching the crowd. And I raised my hand yet again. Finally, he was convinced that I’m the one he was looking for. I was led down the queue of godparents, all of whom could have passed for my parents or uncles and aunties. No wonder the disbelief in the wedding planner. I better get used to this. 😂

La imagen puede contener: 10 personas, personas sonriendo, personas de pie, boda, de traje e interior

With the newlyweds, Jaira Amuráo and Shaddai Villavicencio, with their godfathers at the Church of Saint Bartholomew in Magalang, Pampanga (photo courtesy of Cleofe Amuráo).

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