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Facebook shut down my account

UPDATE (1:21 PM, 27 January 2020): Facebook already reactivated my account this morning. But I am not able to make any posts or comments until February 2. And they still have not informed me why they deactivated my account in the first place.

* E * L * F * I * L * I * P * I * N * I * S * M * O *


Just a few minutes ago, I was sharing my latest blogpost about Catholicism’s influence on Filipino Masonic thought to a few Facebook groups where I belong and to pages that I manage. It’s what I’ve been doing for the past few years. But as I was doing this, FB suddenly decided to shut down my account without any clear explanation. The number of shares has not even reached ten yet.

I immediately disputed the deletion and sent them all the information that they needed from me. My dispute is still under review, but they did not explain to me why they canceled my FB account nor did they tell me how long this review will take. While they did allow me the chance to recover my account, shutting it down without any clear explanation is still very unfair. To the best of my knowledge, I did not violate their terms and conditions. So why was my account shut down?

There is nothing I can do but to wait for them to reactivate my account… if they ever will. If they don’t, I have no intention to create a new one. What for? If I create a new account, they can delete it again anytime without any fair warning. In the meantime, you may follow me on Twitter. I’m not sure if I should still promote (nor even continue using) my Instagram account because Facebook owns it.

I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but I just hope that my Catholicism vs Freemasonry blogpost has nothing to do with this deactivation.


3 thoughts on “Facebook shut down my account

  1. Hola Pepe, me apena que le hayan bloqueado en Facebook donde le sigo y aprecio. No puedo entender porqué, máxime que sus aportes son siempre culturales e intelectuales y con gran respeto. Le dejo mi email por si desea que sigamos en contacto. Espero de todos modos que recupere pronto el acceso aunque me parece una falta de ética y respeto lo que le han echo. Un afectuoso saludo.
    Jesús Cazón Puente (Txus Puente)
    Mi email es jesus.cpuente@gmail.com


    • I’m able to login just a few minutes ago. Thanks for the concern. Facebook deactivated it yesterday morning. It did not inform me of any clear reason. And up to now, my wife’s account is still deactivated. I’m beginning to like FB less and less. It’s really getting annoying. I hope a new social media site will rival FB very soon.


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