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To the Hispanophobic Filipino historian

Just recently, Rappler published an opinion piece by historian Jorge Mojarro (also a Spanish language teacher at the Instituto Cervantes de Manila) regarding the Elcano And Magellan controversy. In the said article, Mojarro wrote:

Philippine schoolbooks of history seem to be written not to understand the past nor to stimulate critical thinking, but to feed the students with tones of blind patriotism. If young Filipinos were learning properly the history of their nation, they would have not gotten so angry on social media with the new Spanish cartoon entitled Elcano & Magellan: The First Voyage Around the World, especially considering that nobody has seen it yet.

He was right on target. The culprit, indeed, is the current educational system that has already been structured to destroy the image of our country’s Spanish past to young students. At an early age, Filipinos have already been taught that we were invaded by Spain, that we were enslaved, that we were forced to become Christians, that the Spanish friars maligned us, that they have kept us ignorant, etc. etc. etc.

This is a form of brainwashing. Such allegations are not even substantiated by historical documents. But who exactly is to blame?

Our second guest blogger, Fr. Michell Joe “Jojo” Zerrudo (parish priest at the Most Holy Redeemer Church in Quezon City and current Catechetical Director and Exorcist of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cubáo) points out to the culprits: the Filipino pseudo-historians behind those schoolbooks that Mojarro was referring to. The following posts were taken from Fr. Jojo’s Facebook.







Fr. Jojo may not be a historian. But he has what many Filipino historians today do not have: a piercing I.Q.

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4 thoughts on “To the Hispanophobic Filipino historian

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  2. So I asked u a legit question kung wala palang injustices na nangyayari eh para saan yung pinaglaban ng mga bayani natin? Tapos binlock mo ko..
    Kudos to you for calling the people who fought for freedom dumb.


    • Hey. Moron. This is the way you asked me on my Facebook wall…

      “So ano ginawa ng mga bayani natin noon? Trip lang?”

      While you did pose a valid question, a question that I would have been very glad to answer, you ended it with a sarcastic and irritating “trip lang?“. Nobody goes smart-alecky on my own wall but me. Nobody. Also, I do not recall calling dumb those who rebelled against the Spanish government. Now you’re lying. So kudos to your idiocy; this is also the last time that I will entertain morons like you on my blog.


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