What was Facebook thinking?!

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This artsy-fartsy image is not mine. It’s from Time. Who am I to judge them if they rhyme? 😂

Whenever I login to Facebook, it always asks me “What’s on your mind?”, bidding me to write a post about anything that comes to mind, let loose repressed feelings that I might want to share, boast of any accomplishments, flaunt happy photos, anything, a post that my FB friends can either like, comment upon, or totally ignore upon reading (maybe even scoff at it or laugh about it behind my back). This FB feature further solidifies the fact that, even online, we are still social creatures, that even if we have not seen each other for a long time, we are, somehow, still connected, still friends, still family members.

But what is it, really, that I wanted to point out?

NOTHING. Facebook was just asking me “What’s on your mind?” So there.