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Duterte and Rizal


I noticed how many local Facebook groups and pages, as well as anti-Catholic individuals, are taking advantage of President  Rodrigo Duterte’s childish tirades against the Catholic Church (including God Himself) by using a dead writer as an attack dog to support their disgust of anything that has to do with Catholic priests. I’m referring to Dr. José Rizal. Several memes about our national hero’s anti-friar attacks have been spreading around like wildfire, feeding the liberal happiness of those who loathe the “Bride of Christ”. I’ve even read comments from some die-hard Duterte fans who compared the president to the national hero.


Fr. Cavanna wrote the book as an investigator and as a scholar, not as a priest. Once you’ve read through the book’s entirety, then that’s the only real time that you can argue about Rizal’s stand toward the Catholic Church.

Until then, feel free to shut up.

First published here.

5 thoughts on “Duterte and Rizal

  1. Congratulations Pepe Alas for telling misled Filipinos about the truth of Rizal’s reconversion to the Faith of his fathers. What is necessary, however, is to have a theologian who refute José Rizal’s religious errors, one by one.


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