President Duterte is anti-depression (prelude to SONA)

While I have seen President Rodrigo Duterte talk many times on TV and on the Internet, I’m still excited to personally witness him deliver a speech, but just for entertainment value, not for anything else. I’m pretty sure many others like me feel the same, most especially the media who are hungry for more quotable quotes, focusing more on any forthcoming curse-laden quips from the president rather than on his accomplishments. It’s because he is starting to sound more of a comedian than a statesman, more of a jokester than a public servant. But why shouldn’t he? Public opinion is running wild with unwanted news about Chinese encroachment of our territory and the insane rise in prices of goods because of an unforeseen TRAIN wreck. And now, with four local government executives assassinated in just over a week, an underperforming stock market, and another transportation fare hike, he of all people knows that the public needs a respite from it all. All this is very depressing. So yeah, I’m very much willing to hear a presidential stand-up comedy myself. Nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

I just can’t wait for his SONA this Monday.

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