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The AlDub phenomenon, and why Filipinos have gone crazy over it

I’m reblogging this now classic 2015 blogpost from my defunct blog FILIPINO eSCRIBBLES just in time for the AlDub Phenomenon‘s third anniversary which falls today. ūüėä



No matter how much we complain or give praise about it, it¬†is a fact that¬†stares us hard right in the¬†face: our¬†country¬†is fixated with showbiz. It has become part of our culture ‚ÄĒ Filipino pop culture to be precise. From advertisements to philanthropy¬†to politics, celebrities are almost always a focal point. Since the departure of strongman Ferdinand Marcos in 1986, who during the Martial Law years suppressed freedom of the press due to (alleged) circumstances beyond his control, emerging¬†media moguls (led by ABS-CBN) somehow tinkered with¬†the newly satiated freedom of many anti-Marcos Filipinos whose civil liberties were intentionally excluded by¬†military rule. As emotions were running high during that time, new expressions of TV freedom (this includes TV Patrol‚Äôs rather controversial ‚Äúon-air tabloid‚ÄĚ style) were suddenly introduced to minds that had just been freed from¬†years of media suppression. Not much later, Kris Aquino, the¬†daughter of Marcos‚Äô successor herself, became its prized darling‚Ķ

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