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What I think of Duterte’s war on drugs

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Millions of my fans must be wondering what I have to say about President Rodrigo Duterte and his controversial war on drugs. Last year, when I suffered from a severe depression and shut down my two world-famous blogs, I read one online comment from a detractor that the main reason why I ended my highly profitable online writing career was that I feared the new presidency.


Also, those millions of fans are still puzzled whether if I’m a “Dutertard” or not. It’s been more than a year since Duterte won as president but I haven’t written anything extensive about him at all.

I think it’s now time for me to break my silence. So just click here and see for yourselves what I really think of President Duterte and his bloody war against drugs.

Enjoy your weekend! 😊


3 thoughts on “What I think of Duterte’s war on drugs

  1. This is disappointing….you press the link and it directs you to youtube song…… Never gonna give you up….not funny…..what a load of ….


  2. A load of what? You didn’t finish. Anyway, it’s truly a pity that you are unaware of what Rickrolling is all about, and how I used it to evoke political sarcasm. It’s either you are terribly poor at comprehending Internet culture, or you do not know anything at all about Filipino sensibility towards Duterte politics. Or both. And in case you didn’t notice, this article/blogpost was meant to be HUMOROUS. Isn’t it even obvious to you that the first few words that I used (“Millions of my fans…”) were already a giveaway? Caramba, Don Jaime…


  3. Nice one bro.! 🙂
    Husay mo talaga.!
    Keep it up.! God bLess.! 🙂
    Still keep in touch bro coz i have a project in the making. We will be needing your expertise someday.! 🙂


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